Highland Floats for Floating Docks and Marine Construction


Highland Floats from ISCO Marine use high-density polyethylene (HDPE) piping for better protection from impacts, superior resistance to corrosion, chemical and marine organisms, as well as leak-proof construction. HDPE is also weather-resistant and able to survive freeze/thaw cycles with no degradation and is UV resistant. Plus, all attachments are full-surface fusion-welded for 100% strength. The result is a system so durable, it comes with a limited lifetime warranty. Call us at 1-800 -446-8056 for ordering and shipping information 


Highland Floats website: https://isco-pipe.com/marine/


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Highland Dock Floats

Available in two sizes 16" X 15' - 10" 18" X 15' -10" 

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